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          Service Idea
          Create high value-added innovative services
          • Service, unlimited time and space
            Suzhou Deao Elevator has branches all over the country to ensure that local customers can get fast and efficient spare parts response service in the first time; And set up a 24-hour customer service hotline, perfect protection of customers' emergency maintenance needs.
          • Service, like a shadow
            No matter before, during or after sale, DeAO will provide one-stop fine service before customers buy elevators, during the installation of elevators, until the lifetime service life of products. Regularly send maintenance personnel to test and maintain elevator equipment, so that you can feel at ease, worry and rest assured.
          Fine maintenance for life
          Fine maintenance for life
          We have customized standardized maintenance units for electricity and escalator equipment, extending the whole life of product operation under our careful maintenance, value-added services and investment protection.
          Customer service platform waiting for you
          Customer service platform waiting for you
          The modern customer service center provides you with accurate service through the national network ID code system. The ONECALL Accessibility hotline responds quickly to your inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days.
          The first time the mission will be achieved
          The first time the mission will be achieved
          Excellence comes from professional, maintenance technicians all over the country are strictly trained, have professional skills, to ensure that the first time to provide you with the most comprehensive, the best quality service.
          Spare parts supply is always available
          Spare parts supply is always available
          The three-level spare parts storage covering the whole country and the extensive logistics supply network can provide abundant spare parts for the nearest product for a lifetime, so that you never have to worry about it.
          Maintenance Team
          Your high satisfaction is the goal of DeO service
          Deao has a good quality, technical, responsible, high level of installation team and maintenance team, in strict accordance with the standard installation and maintenance process, to provide customers with the fastest, highest quality, the most professional installation and maintenance services!
          Download Center
          Provide you with detailed product references